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The .NET Sponsorship Opportunities


  1. Audience: Software Engineers | Software Architects | Solution Architects | Principal Engineers | CTOs | Entrepreneurs | .NET Developers | Web Developers
  2. Number of issues published to date: 3
  3. Previous Sponsors: Saddam Hossain .NET, Milan Jovanovic
  4. Cost: $200
  5. Please note: The cost for a complete single blog post about your product or service is $400

What You Receive as a Sponsor:

When you choose to become a sponsor, you will benefit from the following:
  1. Your advertisement will be prominently featured in the latest blog post.
  2. Your advertisement will be one of a maximum of two advertisements featured at the top of the blog post.
  3. Your advertisement will remain permanently live on my website.

The cost to run an ad is $200

Please be aware that there are no cancellations or reschedules due to timing, availability, and holding the date.

Advertisement Creative Requirements:

I have now tested over 2+ advertisements and can confidently say that short, concise ads with lead magnets perform the best. The longer the ad, the worse. The more unclear the CTA, the worse.

With that in mind, here are the creative requirements:

  1. Advertisements should be text-only, consisting of 1-2 sentences and including a single link.
  2. For example, a perfect ad might read: Software Design Simplified .NET Edition is a short and practical book for junior and mid-level engineers. You will learn encapsulation, cohesion, polymorphism, and more in one afternoon. Check it out here.
  3. All advertisements are subject to editorial approval.
  4. You will supply the copy, and I reserve the right to edit it to fit my writing style.
  5. Currently booked out 1 month.
  6. Secure your sponsorship by contacting me via LinkedIn or Twitter .
  7. Please be advised that there are no cancellations or reschedules due to timing, availability, and holding the date.

Special Note: I will be writing one or two blog posts every month. These posts could be scheduled for the first date and the 15th date of each month, and the advertisements should align with Microsoft, .NET, programming, or development-centric themes.

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